Mechanical Engineer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Mechanical Engineer Duties

As a Mechanical engineer you will have to follow the engineering guidelines to provide effective solutions in developing the procedure and products, varying from small constituent designs to extremely large plant, vehicles or machinery. Your job responsibilities cover various aspects of engineering, from research and development work to design and manufacturing.

Job Duties of Mechanical Engineer

  • You should take initiative in designing and applying cost-effective equipment modifications to enhance safety and reliability of the product.
  • Participate in project specification development in collaboration with the employees, even from other engineering disciplines also;
  • Your job includes development, testing and evaluation of the theoretical designs;
  • Try to solve complex problems by thorough discussions with manufacturing departments, suppliers, sub-contractors and customers;
  • Make sure that a product can be manufactured over again consistently and will be able to perform without fail in specified operating environments;
  • Running projects using engineering guidelines and procedure;
  • Contribute in the planning and designing process for the build new production processes;
  • You should produce detailed specifications and outline designs;
  • Recommend necessary alterations following prototype test results;
  • Try to use the research, conceptual, analytical and planning skills, mostly mathematical modeling and computer generated design;
  • Consider the propositions of issues such as expense, safety and time limitation;

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