Massage Therapist Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Massage Therapist Job Duties include offering massage therapy. They must be aware about providing different massage therapies that offer medicinal benefits to people and should know about the benefits of each of them. A candidate interested in getting into this position must have a high school diploma and should have undergone a training course in offering massage therapy.

Massage Therapist Job Duties

  • Massage Therapists understand the clients’ massage requirements and suggest massages accordingly.

  • Massage Therapists provide information regarding different massages as per the client’s need and budget.

  • Massage Therapists are expected to learn about client’s medical history before beginning the message therapies

  • Massage Therapists need to measure the condition of client’s joints, soft tissues and muscles and provide massage therapies accordingly

  • Massage Therapists massages the client’s muscles and soft tissues

  • Massage Therapists mix and blend the massage oils to provide massage to their clients.

  • Massage Therapists apply different oils to their clients’ body in order to heal different parts.

  • Massage Therapists may seek suggestions from physiotherapists and include them during their massage sessions.

  • Massage Therapists may have to request physiotherapists to be a part of their massage sessions in certain cases.

  • Massage Therapists may seek advice from doctors while massaging certain clients.

  • Massage Therapists need to prepare treatment plans for their clients taking help from chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors.

  • Massage Therapists need to maintain cordial relations with other therapists as they may be required to discuss certain cases.

  • Massage Therapists may be required to attend seminars on massage therapies in order to enhance their knowledge on the subject.

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