Marketing Representative Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Marketing Representative Duties

You will have to work with Marketing Manager by participating in planning the overall marketing policies. Apart from this the area of e-marketing, the training and strategic programs for Independent Contractors will also fall under your job duties. Your responsibilities also include conducting several meetings with the clients to represent your company to maintain a professional relationship with them.

Job Duties of Marketing Representative

  • You will have to provide assistance to the Independent Contractors with development of niche marketing strategies.
  • You should be involved in following up with existing clients and customers to sustain professional relationships.
  • You may require attending sales meetings, and presenting reports, graphs, spreadsheets and along with other business documents
  • Your basic administrative functions comprises of typing, copying, printing, filing, mailing and general computer applications.
  • You need to liaise directly with the agents for the promotion of marketing services and tools during outbound sales call campaigns.
  • Your participation in site inspections, familiarizations tour, and on-property and off-property dealings is needed.
  • You will have to deal in new work environments everyday, so you must take extra care while handling your co workers, meeting new people and also provide your support to someone in need by making a life saving donation.

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