Marketing Project Manager Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Marketing Project Manager Duties

A Marketing Project Manager is responsible to conceptualize, make plans and execute them. You will have to manage multi-channel lead generation programs to guarantee customer leads regularly. You must analyze the audience behavior including the web visitors and determine the market trend so that the editorial content becomes able to satisfy the market demand.

Job duties of Marketing Project Manager

•       Develop a proper understanding about the audience section and their behavior, which incorporates the web traffic as well. Analyze the content to match the current marketing trends and grow people’s interest in items which are being promoted by manufacturers and advertisers.

•       You need to acquire the client materials and make sure that they are made available to the audience on time.

•       Sometimes you need to work with the sales team to review a client.

•       Apply direct mailing, website promotion, social media as well as other marketing strategies to customer, guarantee lead and increase revenue growth.

•       Develop an analytics dashboard of all scheduled programs and give ROI reports to the clients and internal team on a regular basis.

•       Alert your sales team when there are the new sales openings in order to drive more profits, gain new customers plus up-sell existing customers.

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