Marketing Program Manager Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Marketing Program Manager Duties

The job duty of the Marketing Program Manager is to manage and deliver the outbound marketing programs, campaigns and assets including collateral, whitepapers, website content, online media, events, lead generation and tradeshows. Additionally, the Marketing Program Manager will help drive in increasing the sales of the company.

Job Duties of Marketing Program Manager

  • He will have to coordinate and execute all the marketing campaigns of the company. It may include advertising or update of the SEO’s or any social media campaign.
  • His major job duty will be to track the activities of the sales force and supervise the reporting and distribution of the marketing leads and their probable outcomes.
  • He should create the marketing plan in such a way that a demand for the product is generated with proper campaigns and programs.
  • He must keep a regular touch with the direct sales organizations and communicate with them on their performance on a regular basis.
  • He must do development of reference and guidance materials for inside sales specific to lead generation campaigns.
  • It is his duty to track and manage the budgets and ensure that spending is specific to lead generation programs.
  • He will also look after the overall administration of the sales force.

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