Marketing Manager Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Marketing Manager Duties

In the position of Marketing Manager you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the marketing strategies in order to meet organizational objectives. Apart from this you must evaluate customer research, overall market conditions, and competitor data and implement marketing plan changes as required. You are in-charge of all marketing, advertising and promotional personnel and activities.

Responsibilities of Marketing Manager:

  • You will be liable for the promotion of professional online recruiting services which are modified entirely to the sales and marketing industry.
  • Demonstrate technical marketing proficiency and product knowledge of the company’s Sales Recruiting System.
  • Develop annual marketing plan together with sales department, which details actions to follow throughout the fiscal year, which will concentrate on achieving organizational objectives.
  • You will have to administer the Marketing Department Budget as well as delivery of all marketing actions within approved budget. Direct the marketing staffs where budgets are decentralized.
  • Manage the full product line life cycle from strategic plan to tactical actions.
  • Drive a solution set across development teams through market requirements, product agreement, and positioning.
  • Analyze the potential partner relationships for your company’s product lines.
  • Specify market requirements for existing and future products by accomplishing market research which is supported by continuing visits to customers and non-customers.

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