Marketing Engineer Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Marketing Engineer Job Duties include working on the technical aspects to enhance the sales of the company’s products and services. These professionals are involved in explaining the technical parts of the products to the customers; these are mostly involved in promoting electronic items and other products involving technical aspects. Most employers prefer hiring marketing engineers having a relevant work experience.

Marketing Engineer Job Duties

  • Marketing Engineer needs to give technical support to the marketing team while dealing with the customers.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to prepare instructional matter on technical aspects of products and services.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to gather information about the products and services being offered by the competitors.
  • Marketing Engineer needs to check the pricing information on certain chosen products.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to prepare long term pricing policy for enhancing the company’s profits.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to monitor the company’s sales in order to figure out whether there is a need to modify or improve the promotional activities of the company.
  • Marketing Engineer needs to stay updated with the latest technical advancements of different products being offered by the company.
  • Marketing Engineer is involved in preparing marketing strategies for enhancing the company’s business.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to assist the marketing executives and other members of the marketing team during the launch of a new product.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to take part in the marketing activities organized by the marketing team.
  • Marketing Engineer must have knowledge about the various application areas like the elevator systems, emergency systems, etc that are important for the marketing department.
  • Marketing Engineer needs to ensure that the documentation associated with the different marketing plans and processes is complete.
  • Marketing Engineer is required to make sure that all the marketing activities planned by him are as per the company policies.
  • Marketing Engineer needs to explain about the technical aspects of different products to the customers.

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