Marketing Designer Job Duties

By | September 13, 2013

Marketing designers are primarily concerned with advertising the visual aspect of the product. They are generally computer artists who develop images and templates along with other artistic elements for marketing purposes. Marketing designers specialize in communicating the message associated with a product through the use of animation, illustrations, photography and any other graphic art form. The marketing designer job duties are listed as follows.

Marketing Designer Job Duties:

  • Marketing designers are tasked with planning and developing a visual style and create the overall layout for the marketing of a company product.
  • Marketing designers produce magazines, brochures, user manuals, reports, company posters, badges, logos and presentations to promote a product.
  • Marketing designers design web page content, re-size pages and airbrush images as required. They also create the multimedia content for a web page including animation, videos and sound effects.
  • Marketing designers act as liaisons with other teams such as sales, information technology and product marketing to make sure that the client’s vision gets clearly represented in the finished product in a professional manner.
  • Marketing designers check the mock-up version of the final product for any errors and review it before sending it for the final printing.
  • Marketing designers are expected to be highly creative and have a special proclivity towards details in their work.
  • Marketing designers should be able to design and create a project according to given instructions and express their own ideas and solutions. They are expected to work just as effectively when under pressure.
  • Marketing Designers are expected to be proficient in graphic designing software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, InDesign and even Microsoft Office. Proficiency is also expected in Cascading Style Sheets, HTML and Flash.
  • Marketing Designers are expected to produce print as well as web marketing material for advertising and promotional purpose.

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