Marketing Consultant Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Marketing consultants are basically involved in planning strategies for marketing their client’s products and services. In order to get into this position one must have an MBA degree specializing in the field of marketing. Employers usually seek candidates having good communication skills and prior work experience in handling such a post.

Marketing Consultant Job Duties

  • Marketing Consultants are expected to study the market and attain information about the various marketing strategies being used by their competitors.
  • They are required to learn about the use of latest marketing tools and techniques.
  • They are required to assist their clients or their firm in marketing their products in an effective way and thereby acquiring new customers
  • Marketing Consultant need to discuss marketing plans with the sales and product teams and based on this, they are required to improve the marketing strategies
  • They need to look for collaboration opportunities with their channel partners. They must also go for joint marketing programmes
  • Marketing Consultant may even be involved in organizing and conducting various seminars related to marketing
  • They are required to maintain cordial relations with the vendors in order to get their work done efficiently as well as the clients.
  • They need to study the market and figure out the customer behaviour
  • Marketing Consultants need to record all the initiatives taken by them and their team. This needs to be done on a monthly basis
  • They are required to review the branding of a product. It is their task to make sure that the branding is done properly
  • They are required to analyze the sales reports and work on the loopholes

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