Marketing Analyst Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Marketing Analyst job duties include understanding and analyzing the market trends. He is required to handle a number of other job duties as well and help in improving the product marketing. It is essential to have a degree in marketing and a good amount of experience in this field in order to become a marketing analyst.

Marketing Analyst Job Duties

  • Marketing Analyst is required to collate the marketing data with the help of other members from the marketing department.
  • Marketing Analyst needs to analyze the marketing data collected from various resources.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to prepare reports of the data analyzed by him. The reports should include diagrams, graphs, charts, etc in order to explain the information clearly.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to assess the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Analyst needs to conduct market research in order to find out about the market trends.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to compute the efficiency of the marketing strategies prepared by the marketing team and suggest changes, if required.
  • Marketing Analyst needs to study the customer feedback received by conducting surveys and work upon making changes based on the feedback received.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to assess the advertising and promotional activities conducted by the marketing team.
  • Marketing Analyst needs to discuss the ways of improving the marketing activities in order to bring in more business to the company.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to conduct meetings with the marketing teams in order to understand the marketing strategies planned by them.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to gather information about the competitor’s marketing activities and analyze it.
  • Marketing Analyst needs to work in coordination with the other marketing staff members in order to carry out various tasks.
  • Marketing Analyst is required to find out the advertising requirements of the products and services being offered by the company.

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