Marine crewing engineer, Human Resources Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Marine crewing engineer, Human Resources Duties

The most important job duty of the candidate working in this position is to work in close association with the corporate recruiter to develop sources to recruit the experienced marine talent. His basic objective will be to get good and efficient people at comparatively lower costs and improve the operating efficiency of the organization.

Job Duties of Marine crewing Engineer, Human Resources

  • He will have to work in close coordination with the marine operations department. The HR department will also coordinate with him to see that proper and efficient people are being placed at the vessels. These staff must be having proper certifications and experience in operating the vessels.
  • If any employee is found to be not properly trained, he will have to ensure that he gets properly trained and in that case also, he needs proper coordination of the HR department.
  • He will also be able to give direction to a third party agency while acting as an Interface with them. These staff will not be hired directly by the company and they will be mostly needed for the supply and maintenance of marine related positions.
  • If there is any employee related issues, it will be his duty to solve it by coordinating closely with the HR department.

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