Manufacturing Supervisor Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Manufacturing Supervisor Duties

The job involves leading and directing all aspects of the operation within a department and has round the clock accountability for the operations going on in the factory.  You will be an integral part of the manufacturing plant and oversee the manufacturing process.

Job Duties of Manufacturing Supervisor

  • You will have to plan and coordinate the daily and weekly schedules with Production Control.
  • You will be responsible for assigning work to each work cell while maintaining efficiency and quality at the highest possible level.
  • You will have to keep the employees informed of business metrics and progress toward improvements needed for improving the production.
  • Another very important job will be coordinating activities of the production line within the department and with other departments to continuously monitor the quality of production and take necessary corrective action to remedy any deficiencies.
  • You will have to take care of all aspects of training within the department which may include cross-training, work instructions, developmental plans, operator standard work, etc., as well as the maintenance of much needed records and documents.
  • You will have to ensure clean and orderly work areas and see that the department is safe at all times. ‘5-S’ training is required, as is Kanban and other housekeeping processes.
  • You will take care to work closely with the production employees in developing initiatives and presenting new projects to senior staff for support and the necessary resources as needed.

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