Manufacturing personnel Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Manufacturing personnel Duties

Manufacturing is production of any commodity in a factory. Since this job is of technical nature, mostly engineers perform the tasks. Thus the job is handled by a Production Manager who has in-depth knowledge of the products, their specification, ingredients going into the production, processing operation and allocates individual tasks to different lower wrung people who are also technically qualified. The job of the manager is mainly to supervise the working of junior staff and the workers and initiate corrective actions in case of errors and assist the staff wherever necessary. He is responsible and accountable for production and hence ensure to have adequate manpower, materials and other resources.

Job Duties of Manufacturer

  • Plan, organize, supervise and control every activity in the shop floor where manufacturing process takes place;
  • Once the plan is drawn up, determine manpower and materials’ requirement and raise indent on the concerned department;
  • Work in coordination with quality control and take their advices for manufacturing best quality products;
  • Work in coordination with sales and marketing heads, ascertain the market trend of own product vis-Ă -vis of competitors and take their suggestions to improve upon the type of products to be manufactured.
  • Ensure the materials procured by the materials department conform to the specification given to them;
  • Maintain hygiene, congenial atmosphere for the workmen as a part of motivation for better performance;
  • Acquire knowledge on standards besides other statutory requirements and implement the same in conjunction with the top management;
  • Maintain the standards prescribed by the management, comply with statutory requirements wherever applicable;
  • Apply knowledge, expertise and experience acquired previously in the current employment in the best interest and growth of the organization;
  • Apply judgment and exercise control for optimum use of facilities and avoid wastage and pilferage of materials.



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