Manufacturing job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Manufacturing jobs are mostly preferred by engineers and hence many types of such jobs are available in the market. Before taking up any manufacturing job, it is very much essential to know in details the job duties of that stream.
If you take up mechanical engineering, you can become a maintenance technician. In that case, it will be your basic job duty to install and maintain any machinery in the factory. You may troubleshoot and repair any type of machinery in the plant which may include process equipment, utilities equipment and any other type.

If you work as a marketing supervisor, your job duty will involve leading and directing all aspects of the operation within a department and has round the clock accountability for the operations going on in the factory.

The job of Quality Assurance Manager is also very interesting as the primary responsibility is basically the maintenance of plant quality system in a multi-customer environment which also includes managing the plant Quality Assurance Supervisor(s) and their staff. As a Quality Manager, you will have to manage and organize self inspections program and see that they are in consistence with the SQF 2000 code.

It will be your responsibility to train and supervise the plant quality management positions which also include the Quality Control Supervisors.

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