Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Manager Duties

As the Manager of this company your job duties comprises of managing the operational and fiscal activities of your department. Prepare an outline on how to develop the systems and course of action to make the operating quality and the efficiency of your department more superior. You need to monitor the employees as well just to see that the company policies are not getting violated.

Job Duties of a Manager

  • It will be your job to assess and documents business procedure and their problems.
  • You should monitor the employees to see they are not violating company policies and their operations.
  • Arrange interviews, hire new employees, and provide employee orientation.
  • Sometimes you should give proper guidance to the staffs for their advancements in career and performance.
  • You must take the charge in staff scheduling to include staff training, work assignments, employee vacations, overtime work, back up for absent staffs as well as in shift rotations.
  • You should deal with the Human Resource department for suitable staffing level
  • Organizing and conducting department meetings also fall under your duties.
  • You are responsible to reach the desired goals and level of productivity of your concerned department.
  • Giving approval and dealing with telecommuting measures.

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