Manager, IT Process Management

By | July 1, 2010

Manager, IT Process Management Duties

As a Manager, IT Process Management your job responsibilities include supervising and give direction the team of employees that evaluates baseline levels of managerial operational quality. You need to provide guidance to your group to identify, supervise and action implementation in order to increase the performance level, productivity, regularity, and on time delivery of the services or deliverables.

Job Duties of Manager, IT Process Management

  • Support your team to set organizational procedure excellence strategies, by using Process Management, technology and process innovation as well as the standards-setting programs.
  • It is your responsibility to bring considerable and assessable business results by principal complex strategic process improvement projects and training process improvement resources.
  • You will have to oversee the career planning for individuals. Moreover you must regularly check the performance ensuring associate effect as expected, commensurate to goals, job description and competency model. Leverage IDP process to create roadmap for development. Arrange and propose adjustments in terms of level and salary, as suitable.
  • Your duties also include recognizing business objectives besides demonstrating working familiarity of industry and trends; you should use this information to sustain constant service improvement program.
  • Make sure that you are actively participating in management team discussions; and providing your vision and feedback.

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