Manager – Fashion Product Show Room Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Manager – Fashion Product Show Room Duties

The primary job duties of the show room manager will be to look after the overall administration of the showroom. It will also be his duty to look after the sales of the showroom and also customer satisfaction. He will also have to look after the profit and loss position of the show room.

Job Description of a Fashion Product Showroom

  • His major job duty will be handling the sales of the entire department stores and see that all the brands of the company are moving from the shelf quite fast.
  • He will have to analyze the selling figures and make regular reviewing with our vendors.
  • He will also have to facilitate the marketing, budgets and the advertisement opportunities.
  • Another important job duty of the showroom manager is to provide support to the Departmental Managers as well as hosting clinics and trunk shows.
  • He must have a control on the business dealings between the sales representatives and the accounts department.
  • He will have to creating weekly/monthly sales goals for sales team along with CEO.
  • He will have to take charge in confirming vendors for trade shows and taking part in shows.
  • You must maintain or create strong relationships with all buying offices and the vendors.

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