Management Trainee Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Management Trainee Duties

As a management trainee, you are expected to be hard working and shall be able to execute job duties at the higher levels. Since you are a fresher, you must have an appetite to learn all sorts of jobs in the various departments of the office. You will be placed in different departments and it will be your duty to learn the ways to doing the work at the different departments.

Job Duties of a Management Trainee

  • When you will be placed in the marketing department, you must know the various avenues of the product and interact with the distributors and customers to get a first hand view of the products sold in the market.
  • While working in the HR department, you will learn the process of taking the interviews and also how various employee discontent issues can be sorted out.
  • While working in the management office, it will be your duty to learn the various effective ways of handling the people oriented issues of the company. You must have a third eye to learn these techniques.
  • When working in the administration department, it will be your duty to learn in detail how the office paper work and other activities are carried out in a proper manner.

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