Management Analyst Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Management Analyst Duties

Management Analyst is responsible for reviewing forms and reports. He needs to discuss with organization and users about set-up, distribution, and its purpose. Moreover he has to identify problems and give effective solutions for the improvements.
As a Management Analyst you should build up and execute records management policies for filing, its protection, and recovery of records, and guarantee compliance with program.

Job Duties of a Management Analyst

  • You will have to interview the staff to be recruited and make an observation of the site only to understand the functioning of the units and the amount of work performed and the method and equipment used to perform the same.
  • You will have to prepare the manuals needed and train the staff accordingly in usage of forms or reports or any procedure and ensure that it happens as per the organizational policies.
  • You may have to design and evaluate and recommend, if any changes of forms and the reports of the organization. You shall recommend purchase of equipment needed at the stores and make a design of the store where the equipment can be most effectively placed.
  • You will have to gather information on problems faced by the organization and see that procedures are corrected accordingly.

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