Management Accountant Job Duties

By | June 10, 2014

Management accountant is one who provides assistance to various departments of the company in taking key financial decisions at all levels. The candidate is required to possess excellent mathematical and analytical skills to perform well on the job.

Management accountant job duties include providing assistance in protecting the financial information of the company, drafting key parameters for financial predictions and provide overall assistance to all other key departments in financial planning as well. There are many job duties that management accountant performs as provided here below.

Management Accountant Job Duties

  • Preparation of financial statements for the company.
  • Provide assistance in preparing budget forecasts for the company in consultation with other departments of the company.
  • Ensure to analyze the financial statements of the company regular in order to assess the position of the company and suggest suitable changes for improving the same at periodic intervals as assigned by the company.
  • Provide detailed analysis of the cost-expenditure ratio of the company and suggest measures to cut down on costs of the company.
  • Collate all the key accounting and financial information of the company that is necessary for conducting the annual audit and assists the external auditors accordingly.
  • Provide assistance to all departments of the company with regard to making major financial decisions by providing vital financial and accounting data at crucial times.
  • Providing assessment of the annual tax that the company is liable to pay including suggesting ways to bring down the tax burden for the company.
  • Provide assistance to top management in strategic planning which is focused on enhancing the profit making avenues and cost cutting measures for the company.
  • Provides assistance to the human resources department in devising the employees’ compensation package keeping in view the cost to the company ratio in mind while suggesting the same.

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