Makeup artist Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Makeup Artist Duties

A make up artist is a professional or an expert who helps people to get the look and appearance they most desire through the application of make up, wigs and other tools and equipment for beautification purposes. They may work in a beauty shop in big department store or hotel areas or they may do private service to individual customers. They work in many different occasions and places.

Makeup Artist Job Duties

  • Give the desired look of his client.
  • Coordinates with the directors and costume designers to have information regarding what is the look needed by the performers in the show.
  • Attend training and seminars regarding putting makeup in different aspects.
  • Come in the set ahead of time to prepare the makeup and tools needed.
  • Advice and give information in their client that is the best match makeup to them and what will the outcome be.
  • Ensure to give the best make up to their customers.
  • Provide guidance and the necessary information that is effective to the needs of the many customers.

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