Maintenance Worker Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Maintenance Worker Duties

Maintenance worker job is to keep a regular eye on the system performance; its work is to keep tracking extensive range of work which needs maintenance. Maintenance workers duty is keep on maintaining the equipments various sources and other necessary things which required maintenance under the general supervision. Maintenance worker execute work within the established process which are made for specific work.

Job Duties of Maintenance Worker

  • The major duties of Maintenance workers are to perform all sorts of repairing work in the building, company or any organization. These workers maintain equipments and look for the minor errors.
  • Maintenance worker deals with the electrical, plumbing, glazier and painting tasks which are their major aspects of maintenance.
  • Their duty is to perform minor troubleshooting problems such as locks, desks and closets.
  • Maintenance worker perform their duties in the relevant format as they are well trained peoples capable of handling any sorts of problem under maintenance.
  • Maintenance worker helps you to assisting and moving in transportations of equipment.
  • Helps in setting up and breaking cubicle partitions, they can easily identify those projects which need necessary guidance.
  • Maintenance worker helps in activating and deactivating alarms of the building and are able to respond to those alarm calls, during any of the working hours.

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