Maintenance Technician Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Maintenance Technician Duties

Your basic job will be to install and maintain any machinery in the factory. You will be asked to   troubleshoot and repair any type of machinery in the plant which may include process equipment, utilities equipment and many other types. You may have to do the basic electrical or mechanical troubleshooting repairs of any machine in the factory.

Job Duties of a Maintenance Technician

  • You will have to maintain safe work practices in accordance with OSHA and the company policy. You will have to take the responsibility of protecting self and others from any potential hazards during the process of installation or any maintenance work. You will have to Comply with CGMP as it is mandatory by law and the company policy.
  • It will be your job to clean, lubricate and replace the shafts gears, bearings and mechanical seals or any parts of the machinery in order to see that the production process does not get affected due to any machinery fault.
  • If a department does any routine conversion of mechanical equipment, you will have to assist the concerned department in executing those functions.
  • You will have to insulate the equipment and piping when necessary and check on a regular basis.

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