Maintenance Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 18, 2014

A Maintenance Coordinator is an employee appointed to look after the repair, maintenance and replacement of equipments in a factory or at a site to ensure smooth functioning of production. Any fault in the equipment is first reported to the Maintenance Coordinator who ensures that the machine is back to its working condition. Maintenance Coordinator job duties are discussed below in detail.

Maintenance Coordinator Job Duties

  • A Maintenance Coordinator has to coordinate all the maintenance or repair related tasks to ensure that the machine operators have no problems in operating the machine at the site.
  • He goes around the production center and coordinates with the operators about the condition of the equipment and if there is any complaint he is to immediately make a note and get the necessary repair work carried out.
  • A Maintenance Coordinator will inspect and ensure that the quality of the work performed is maintained.
  • The Maintenance Coordinator also has to manage inventory of the material to ensure proper functioning of facilities.
  • His job includes hiring of workers, training them on the machines they are alloted to operate and also schedule their shifts as per the production requirements.
  • He may also be required to train existing workers if any new equipment is installed for them.
  • In addition, the Maintenance Coordinator will also ensure cleanliness of the work space, walkways, and surrounding grounspace so that operations are carried out smoothly.
  • A Maintenance Coordinator has to constantly prepare maintenance report of his own tasks and share it with the reporting senior official or managing director.
  • A Maintenance Coordinator also sees to it that there is adequate space in production room for the machines to be accommodated and that workers can operate them smoothly.
  • A Maintenance Coordinator has to prepare a budget of the production center and monitor maintenance expenditure fund in the budget.
  • A Maintenance Coordinator has to see that the any accessory tools required to run the equipment are available in the unit and are functioning appropriately.

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