Machine Operator Job Duties

By | January 16, 2014

Machine operator is one who is involved in operating and managing heavy machines and instruments. They manage industrial equipments and machineries which are involved in production of various products. Machines are operated and maintained by these operators and they keep the usage records of these machines.

They prepare the machines for each special task and most of the times these operators specialise in handling a particular type of machines. Many employers demand the machine operators to pass specific drug tests, since these operators are involved in handling very costly and crucial instruments and machines in any industry.

Machine Operator Job Duties

  • Machine operators are required to work in association with production and supply chain teams to use the machines at required times.
  • Machine operators must plan the work to meet the deadlines.
  • They must also do the inspection of the machines to report any abnormalities in the functioning of the machines.
  • They are required to suggest any changes or improvements required in the machinery.
  • They should do the setting of the computer operated machines and optimisation of the machine is also their responsibility.
  • They may have to set the machines according to the shapes, size and other requirements.
  • They are also responsible for performing various tests on the machines to check the functionality of the machine.
  • They may have to put various parts into machines if the production line is not completely automated.
  • Machine operator has to sincerely monitor the machine as long as machine is under specific operations.
  • They must ensure the safety of other co-workers by operating the machine in the safest way.
  • Once the production process is completed, machine operators may have to clean and calibrate the machine before they shut it down.
  • They must also ensure the safety of the machine so that it does not require technical repair every now and then.

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