Logistics Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 19, 2014

A logistics coordinator is responsible for actively interacting with clients and coordinating the entire process of transportation. He is basically the link between the client, operational departments and courier agents.

He is required to maintain a quality assurance check and ensure that the deadlines are met in a cost effective manner. He also assists clients in selecting the products and planning the prices for the transportation and other logistical aspects. Here is a look at the major logistics coordinator job duties.

Logistics Coordinator Job Duties

  • A Logistics Coordinator is required to check that the product manufactured is correct and it is safely stored in the storage of the company.
  • A Logistics Coordinator has to see that the goods have been labeled correctly and the price tags put on it are correct.
  • A Logistics Coordinator has to verify and cross check the price tags with the check list which is provided to him/ her.
  • A Logistics Coordinator also has to see that the goods are loaded in transportation and the transportation has left the premises at the correct time.
  • He/She has to coordinate with the client to check that their ordered goods have been dispatched and finally confirm with the client about the receipt of the goods at their end.
  • The duties of a Logistics Coordinator are also to manage various taxes, custom duty, sales tax, VAT and other godown charges or freight and cargo charges if any.
  • A Logistics Coordinator has to manage the client relationship by regularly checking the client’s accounts for any sales return or any other product complaints.
  • A Logistics Coordinator has to follow up with the manufacturing department as and when required.
  • The security aspects too have to be considered and planned by the Logistics Coordinator.
  • The transportation, loading, unloading and all other aspects are entirely under the control of the Logistics Coordinator and he/she has to ensure that the entire process is completed without any obstacles.
  • The time frame for delivery too has to be adhered to and the Logistics Coordinator has to bear this in mind.

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