Local Administrative officer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Local Administrative officer Duties

As a Local Administrative officer you will be fundamentally responsible for providing your assistance in the development of council guiding principles and procedures. Beside that you must ensure that they are executed properly. In addition to these services you will have to coordinate and collect data for external inspections, as well as confirmation of agreement with legislation.

Job Duties of a Local Administrative Officer

  • You will have to assist in the development, planning and supervising of policies and procedures.
  • You will have to play an important role in organizing the execution of council or authority decisions and circulate the reports to those affected;
  • Provide necessary support and direction to the democratic structure, for instance to Cabinet or local committees;
  • Manage various communication strategies which include various publications as well as departmental websites;
  • Organize and service meetings;
  • You should do proper research work to prepare and write up reports and briefing papers;
  • Discuss with other council departments, like finance or marketing;
  • Coordinate with external partners and agencies, as well as private and voluntary sector organizations, contractor and other local authorities;
  • You must participate and discuss about various departmental and corporate plans;
  • Supervise and arrange reports on performance and quality matters, to ensure value for money;
  • Manage budgets and funding of different projects.

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