Loan Servicer Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Loan Servicer Job Duties include serving the clients having loan requirements. They are required to understand the customer’s needs and helping them with a suitable loan option. It is essential for a candidate to have complete knowledge about the loan terminology as well as the terms and conditions involved in different loan products in order to help the clients appropriately.

Loan Servicer Job Duties

  • Loan Servicers are required to provide loan services to the clients.
  • Loan Servicers are required to understand the client’s requirements and recommend them loan products and services as per their need.
  • Loan Servicers may even be involved in collecting loan payments.
  • Loan Servicers are required to acquire new customers and maintain good relations with both existing as well as new customers.
  • Loan Servicers are given targets to sell a certain number of loan products each month and they are required to complete the targets within the stipulated time.
  • Loan Servicers help the clients with the loan paper work and other necessary documentation for acquiring loan.
  • Loan Servicers need to prepare loan reports keying in details about the clients who have undertaken loan and some details about the loan amount, etc.
  • Loan Servicers need to work as per the set guidelines.
  • Loan Servicers need to stay updated with the latest information about the loan products and services being offered by their company as well as their competitors.
  • Loan Servicers need to handle customer queries over the phone as well as by meeting them in person.
  • Loan Servicers need to monitor the client’s credit history before offering them loan.

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