Librarian Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Librarian Duties

As an appointed Librarian in a Government Library your job duties can be classified in three segments. They are user services, Technical services and as the in charge of the library you must execute other important duties as well. Pursuing your duties in collaboration with other staffs and assistants of your department is an added responsibility of yours which will help to maintain the library discipline and other services properly.

Job Duties of a Librarian

  • You must follow the latest publishing and media trends closely.
  • Your job responsibilities also include acquiring and categorizing new library materials and removing obsolete items
  • Being the in charge of other library staff of assistants, sometimes you need to volunteer that loan and shelve the library’s books and materials and also insure that the materials are well-ordered and accounted for.
  • Work as a well disciplined team to maintain the library properly.
  • As an efficient librarian your job comprises of three vital things, they are providing user, technical or administrative services.
  • Your duties under users services category lies in analyzing a customer’s need, whether a grown person or a child, and also assist or instruct the customer to find his required information or resource. Among administrative services your duty would be to bargain the contracts for resources, services and equipments.

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