Liaison Officer for University Work Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Liaison Officer for University Work Duties

As a University liaison officer your job duty would be to coordinate various learning activities within the University guidelines. You will be responsible for the educational aspects of the Institution as you are the one who needs to utilize the educational purposes of the University. You must organize the work of the University Education Group providing timely feedback on a regular basis.

Job Duties of the Liaison officer

  • You will have to ensuring a fair allocation of the workload considering individual area of responsibilities.
  • Receiving and execute the guidelines and directions by the Head of the Coordination Office and ensure that educational activities are accomplished according to these guidelines.
  • Evaluating the procedure and activities of the particular education group. I addition to this understanding, developing and implementing various programmes and activities with other Universities on the specified theme.
  • Negotiating on the multiplying issues of researches, faculty and University students to support the strategic communication.
  • It will be one of your major responsibilities to provide support to existing University network and creating positive environment to set up new ones.
  • You will have to coordinate and cooperate with other entities in order to review, define and execute potential assistance on the above issues.

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