Legal Intern Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Legal Intern Duties

Legal internships are a form of training for the legal students. The legal internship provides infield experience and good knowledge on the varied areas of law. The students get a scope to know the pro and cons of the legal field and act as a support to the lawyers. Some internship is paid although many are not. Legal interns mostly have practical legal experience in law firms and offices under the guidance of the lawyers and the staff

Legal Intern Job Duties

  • Performed data entry and other office work.
  • Conducted legal research and writing during the field experience.
  • Maintained records of the clients case progress.
  • Wrote reports of the cases experienced to file them for further advice use.
  • Assisted lawyers and legal advisors for better understanding of legal work.
  • Attended various legal discussions and legal policies talks.
  • Conducted sessions with clientele and lawyers to negotiate cases.
  • Maintained records of files, legal statements and case documents to be required when use.
  • Helped lawyers in arranging and auditing files for their use.
  • Helped other legal students in completing legal projects.
  • Handled all the clerical duties and activities like answering phone calls and mails, preparing legal documents, handling computer related work and so on.


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