Legal File Clerk Job Duties

By | July 18, 2013

There are numerous boxes containing files and paperwork in a law firm or a legal department pertaining to clients in relation to various cases. As it is time consuming for a lawyer to go through all these files, a legal file clerk is hired in order to go through and sort out the important files. They organize the legal documents and ensure steady workflow of the law firm. They also ensure that the files are stored properly in order to avoid damage and accessed quickly. It is necessary for a legal file clerk to possess excellent organizational and writing skills.

Legal file clerk job duties

  • Legal file clerk has to follow a filing system and organize the files in order so that they can be accessed easily.
  • Legal file clerk has to go through all the papers and files stored pertaining to various cases and sort them as per their importance.
  • Legal file clerk has to organize letters, legal documents, case files, invoices, correspondences and memoranda.
  • Legal file clerk has to prepare legal document indices, labels and file folders.
  • Legal file clerk has to store files and boxes in such a way in order to prevent damage and can be accessed quickly.
  • Legal file clerk has to sometimes work in the front office and greet client and answer phone calls.
  • Legal file clerk has to make copies of legal documents and prepare information packets.
  • Legal file clerk has to sometimes perform the duty of draft legal documents and compose letter in relation to a business matter.
  • Legal file clerk has to interact with staff, attorney officers and clients occasionally.
  • Legal file clerk has to take notes during meetings to which the attorneys can refer to later.
  • Legal file clerk has to transcribe the handwritten notes of attorneys. 

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