Legal Counsel Job Duties

By | July 22, 2013

Legal counsels are individuals known as an in house counselor or a corporate counselor and are usually the chief legal counselor for corporate organizations, educational institutions and government agencies. They have to negotiate, write, review, summarize, research and execute a variety of agreements and contracts for clients and organizations. It is the legal counsel who provides counsel on variety of legal issues. Sometimes a legal counsel may have to manage various projects as well as deadlines. It is necessary that an individual must clear a state level or multi state level licensing bar exam in order to become a legal counsel.
Legal counsel job duties

  • Legal counsel has to negotiate, draft and execute contracts and agreements like license agreements, business contracts, entertainment agreements, real estate lease agreements, marketing agreements and general contracts.
  • Legal counsel is responsible for providing counseling on variety of issues.
  • Legal counsel works in coordination with the executives of an organization and also with marketing, human resources, sales, strategic business units and brand communication divisions.
  • Legal counsel has to manage various projects as well as deadlines.
  • Legal counsel has to explain the legal language to external as well as internal clients.
  • Legal counsel has to provide legal assistance in regards to matters like strategic partnership deals, mergers and acquisitions and global joint ventures.
  • Legal counsel has to draft the terms and conditions in an agreement.
  • Legal counsel has to research various legal issues that affect the organization by taking into consideration judicial decisions, applicable statuses and codes.
  • Legal counsel provides solution to various legal questions.
  • Legal counsel has to provide training to an organization and its affiliates regarding legal topics.
  • Legal counsel has to advise executives regarding legal risks, contract status and business terms.
  • Legal counsel has to ensure that legal objectives are met.

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