Legal Administrator Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Legal Administrator job duties include reviewing the contract drafts and other legal documents and providing their expert comments on these documents; this is to be done under the supervision of the staff attorneys. These professionals are required to handle various other legal matters such as preparing and maintaining legal files, supervising the clerical staff on preparing and updating legal papers, etc.

A candidate aspiring to get into the position of Legal Administration is required to undergo a relevant degree in law. Most firms also look for candidates having some work experience in this field.

Legal Administrator job duties

  • Legal Administrator is required to prepare bid documents and review the existing bid documents and contracts.
  • Legal Administrator needs to reviews the contract drafts and comment on the same.
  • Legal Administrator needs to then submit the contract drafts for revising and also to get the approval.
  • Legal Administrator is required to prepare and maintain the department files.
  • Legal Administrator is required to work upon various documents such as the project administration contracts, worker’s compensation, etc.
  • Legal Administrator needs to prepare legal reports on a daily basis and share them with their seniors to discuss any scope of improvisation.
  • Legal Administrator is required to guide the clerical staff on carrying out various tasks.
  • Legal Administrator needs to assign work to the clerical staff working under him and also evaluate their work.
  • Legal Administrator is required to work in coordination with the staff members from other departments and also the outside agencies.
  • Legal Administrator needs to review the procurement contracts and ensure that they are completed on time and accurate information is filled in them.
  • Legal Administrator is involved in preparing the budget for different departments after studying their respective requirements.
  • Legal Administrator is required to provide legal advice related to various legal issues to the staff members, if required.

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