Legal Administrator Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Legal Administrator Duties

Legal administrator oversees the efficient working of a law firm or any legal organization. The maintenance of the organization, staff management, service maintenance etc is all scrutinized by the legal administrator. He in short manages the legal firm. They are not related to the legal decisions or issues, rather are concerned with the working of the firm and the staff. The administrators maintain healthy contact with the lawyers regarding implementing new plans and policies regarding the firm.

Legal Administrator Job Duties

  • Maintained staff and their services.
  • Updating the firm of the legal requirements.
  • Regulated the services provided by the firm and the management.
  • Managed the legal issues of the company and assisted in them.
  • Managed the business side of the law firm office and operations.
  • Planned legal firm’s strategies and policies to be regulated.
  • Made reports relating to the planning and management.
  • Responsible for financial and operational management of the firm.
  • Managed human resource issues and gave responsibilities to the firm employees.
  • Supervised regular work activities of the firm and staff.
  • Reported to higher staff regarding the firm working.
  • Made plans for appropriate changes in the legal firm.
  • Recruited and trained staff for their deployment and development in the legal firm.

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