Legal Administrative Assistant Job Duties

By | October 24, 2013

A legal administrative assistant is one who assists the attorneys in taking care of the office administration work. The different kinds of work that the legal administrative assistant is required to undertake includes meeting clients, maintaining office records, attending calls, filling out various documents etc.

Legal assistants can be employed in consultancy offices, insurance offices, research firms and also government companies. Legal administrative assistants can also be employed directly by the court and perform important tasks of interviewing important witnesses and also preparing case documents.

Legal Administrative Assistant Job Duties

  • Legal administrative assistants would be required to assist lawyers in the court and take specific notes of the cases for all future references.
  • They would also be responsible to file complaints on behalf of clients and provide information to clients upon any query.
  • They would need to prepare important legal documents such as property contracts, business contracts, wills and appeals.
  • They would be required to interview clients and find out if they have a potential case in hand before forwarding them to the attorneys.
  • The candidate is also required to research about information on the cases and be prepared with all the required information. This research is very crucial as the entire case would depend on the proof provided.
  • Other duties such as filing tax returns should also be undertaken effectively by a legal administration candidate.
  • Legal administrative assistant would need to be updated with all the current information which would make them more effective.
  • The candidate is also required to undertake court visit and fulfill all the activities required for court proceedings.
  • Lastly the legal administration candidate should also be good at taking down minutes of important legal information that is discussed by the management and prepare a report accordingly for the same.

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