Leasing Consultant Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Lease Consultant job duties include assisting people who are looking for houses, apartments, shops or other accommodations on lease. A lease consultant must have in-depth knowledge about the leasing formalities of various accommodations. He must also have good communication and interpersonal skills as his work manly involves dealing with different people.

Lease Consultant Job Duties

  • Lease Consultants are required to show the property that is to be leased to the interested clients
  • They need to prepare property marketing plans and work as per them
  • They are required to deal with the clients interested in opting for houses, shops or other accommodations on lease and are expected to answer all their queries
  • Lease Consultants are involved in preparing rent agreements and other essential lease documents required at the time of leasing a property
  • They assist the clients in filling the lease forms and inform them about the additional documents that need to be attached
  • They are required to collect the rental deposit slips
  • Lease Consultants are also involved in maintaining their work area
  • They need to possess a thorough knowledge about the terms and conditions involved in leasing a property
  • They must be aware about the sales techniques as this position involves acquiring clients for leasing the property
  • Lease Consultants must have updated knowledge about the latest property rates and property deals available in the market
  • Their job requires dealing with various customers from different classes and therefore they should know how to deal with
  • They are required to maintain files that include information about the properties that have been leased.
  • Lease Consultants are also involved in the lease renewal process

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