Leasing Agent Job Duties

By | October 22, 2013

A leasing agent is one who acts as a mediator between the lessor and lessee of a property. The candidate has many duties to fulfill which involves searching for property according to the client requirements, arranging meetings between the prospective clients, finalizing lease terms between both the parties, arranging documentation etc. They should be service oriented and make sure they validate all the lease documents between the owner and the tenants.

Leasing Agent Job Duties

  • A leasing agent would need to welcome prospective clients and check if they qualify under the required criteria. They would need to ask questions to make sure they cover the required information.
  • A leasing agent would be responsible to present the organization in a proficient manner always.
  • A leasing agent would need to keep a track of all the response received for the advertisements and also gather information about the various competitors in the market.
  • A leasing agent would be responsible to monitor renewals and also distribute and follow-up on renewal notices.
  • A leasing agent must make sure all the signatures on the required documents are provided accurately. And all paperwork and documents have to be maintained very carefully.
  • A leasing agent should have a regular follow up on all the prospective clients who were not interested to invest immediately but would definitely be interested in the near future.
  • A leasing agent should always keep up the commitment made to the residents and make sure the property is ready on the said date as per the agreement.
  • A leasing agent would be responsible to make sure all prospects fill in the applications correctly and also the deposit should be collected as per the company‚Äôs rules and procedures.
  • A leasing agent should always be well equipped with all the knowledge required to close the deal perfectly without making the clients feel disappointed or dissatisfied.

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