Law Librarian Job Duties

By | March 25, 2013

Law librarians are responsible for managing a Law library within a law school, legal firm or government organizations. A Law librarian carries out important research to assist legal professionals. They are also responsible for organizing law related courses, maintaining library’s collection, managing library’s account, and carrying out online research.

They are responsible for teaching legal research skills to law students or interns. Law Librarians should have knowledge of legal procedures, law codes and terminologies. They should have great organizational skills. They should be able to operate computers and should know word processing software. They are required to have excellent communication skills. They should be able to guide any individual about any topic related to law, and make appropriate suggestions.

Law Librarian Job Duties

  • Law librarian is responsible for managing day to day operations of the law library.
  • Law librarians regularly conduct research related to law.
  • Law librarians keep a track of all materials in and out of library.
  • They are responsible for fixing all technical issues within the organization.
  • Law librarians supervise the work of clerks, library assistants and other staff members.
  • Law librarians need to be familiar with all the legal procedures and legal terminologies.
  • Law librarians are required to coordinate law related courses in a law school or legal firm.
  • Law librarians need to collect and store data in spreadsheets and need to maintain records in an organized manner.
  • They are responsible for arranging on-site service for the customers, for this purpose they need maintain coordination with the service department.
  • They are responsible for providing legal professionals, interns and law students with study materials and suggesting them law books as per their need.

They are required to manage the budgetary aspect of the library and need to keep a track of expenses like procurement of study materials, stationeries, maintenance cost etc.

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