LAW Job Duties

By | May 21, 2012

If you want to take up the profession of law, you must be aware of the fact that there are various types of positions available in this profession. If you want to take up law as a career, you must be aware of the job duties involved with each of these positions and you can get some idea if you read this section properly.

If you have a preference for administration jobs, you can go for the position of court administrator. In this position, you will have to develop long term objectives and goals to improve the operations of the court. You can also do research in this profession and work as a research attorney. In that case, you will have to study the motions related to civil law as well as assessing the appeals which have been made to Court Appellate division in case of civil and criminal cases.

If you want to work as a legal secretary, you will have to arrange and process the legal documents and papers which comprises of summonses, appeals complaints, subpoenas, motions and pretrial agreements. If you practice as a lawyer, you will have to appear in the court cases on behalf of your client on a regular basis.

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Legal Administrator Job Duties

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