Law Clerk Job Duties

By | March 19, 2013

The law clerks act as assistant to the attorneys, judges at district, state or union. They perform a large number of duties regarding disposition of particular cases. By performing these services, they gain useful and valuable experience in the field of legal and judicial system.

They develop legal documents for providing evidences for a given argument of a case, prepare affidavits, find out witnesses related to a case, arrange travel and lodging of witnesses if required and also discuss matters regarding a case with judges, attorneys and witnesses etc. They need to have strong communication and organizational skills.

Law Clerk Job Duties

  • Law clerks are responsible for developing and studying legal documents to investigate information relating to cases and for determining the cause of action.
  • Law clerks are responsible for preparing affidavits of documents and maintaining files containing information of cases.
  • They are required to make arrangements for transportation and lodging of witnesses if required.
  • They are required to store and maintain records of legal volumes.
  • They are responsible for prepare closing documents and help in closing procedures.
  • Law clerks are responsible for drafting the mails to attorneys, courts as well as clients.
  • Law clerks need to research and collect data from various sources to prepare drafts of arguments required by the attorney.
  • Law clerks need to supply or direct the supplies of subpoenas to witnesses and parties.
  • Law clerks need to regularly communicate with senior level attorneys and other staff members.
  • Law clerks need to perform duties like filing documents, answering phones from clients, drafting letters etc.
  • They need to review and file petitions and required to prepare documents relevant to court actions.
  • To supply documents of pleas to opposing counsel.
  • To communicate the disputes between the parties.


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