Landscaping Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

The landscapers fill a variety of duties within the gardening community. They perform myriad of tasks including the consultation with the landscape architect and meeting with the clients, nursery personnel, and the other garden workers to make sure their points of interest. The landscapers are also needed to prepare the grounds prior to the planting of seeds or young plants. It can be done with machines for a large area or by using hand tools when there is a small yard that requires a more gentle touch.

Landscaping Job Duties

  • The landscaper has to do a host of planning activity that must be taken place before any planting is done to the ground.
  • He also to do the tending to the stock thereby adding new species of plants and to make sure it is sold to the customers and these are all items that require landscaper’s attention and duty.
  • He will also need to occasionally travel to other sites to inspect and improve or change.
  • Landscapers’ has the duty of looking after the important clients who may be in need of expertise in developing their own garden in a different state of the art design altogether.
  • Some of the other common duties involved by the landscapers are laying of sod for the new- home lawns, trimming the trees, the bushes and the hedges, and performing the art of grass cutting to different shapes and structures and moreover lawn fertilization for the regular patrons.
  • The landscaper is also responsible for application of chemicals and other pesticides in order to control insect problems that affects part of the grounds.

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