Landscape Gardener Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Landscape Gardener Job Duties include planning and constructing garden landscapes. He is expected to work upon beautifying landscape gardens and maintain them. They are usually hired by the landscaping contractors and homeowners. A Landscape Gardener must have a high school diploma or equivalent. A bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture is an added advantage.

Landscape Gardener Job Duties

  • Landscape Gardeners plan the designs of garden landscape
  • They are involved in the overall maintenance of the garden landscape
  • Landscape Gardeners are hired by landscape contractors and residential owners. They also work for real estate owners.
  • They install as well as construct landscapes to enhance the beauty of the gardens
  • Landscape Gardeners oversee the designs of different projects related to garden landscape
  • They understand the client requirement and work as per it
  • Landscape Gardeners perform the initial studies at the site. They look at the kind of soil, building, roads, etc.
  • Landscape Gardeners nee to examine the potential of the site in order to meet up specifications given by the client
  • They are required to evaluate the environmental impact
  • They speak to the local residents and prospective users and others interested in the landscape garden project to know their viewpoint
  • Landscape Gardeners prepare plans and working drawings for the landscape gardens
  • They work on design software such as computer-aided design packages
  • Landscape Gardeners prepare design proposals and present them to the clients, make them understand the details of the designs and answer their queries
  • They discuss the project requirements with the manufacturers and suppliers and place orders for the equipments and products

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