Laboratory Technician Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Laboratory Technician Duties

The employees in this position need to participate in various types of medical or analytical laboratory support programs for conducting specific researches. You will have to perform your research through the application of body of knowledge which are related to standard laboratory procedures, practices, strategies, regulations as well as laboratory equipments and materials.

Job Duties of Laboratory Technician

  • You will have to perform biological, hematological, chemical, as well as  physical analysis
  • Apart from these you must carry out physical, chemical, bacteriological, or serological tests on a array of samples which includes blood, urine, , food products, sputum, milk, water, contaminants, construction materials, industrial and municipal wastes and soils as per the direction of professional staff.
  • Your tasks will also includes operate, adjust, and maintain the scientific instruments, like  pH meters, electrophoresis apparatuses, spectrophotometers, chromatography apparatuses, flame photometers, particle counters,  autoclaves, microprocessors, analytical balances and compression testing equipment.
  • You will have to prepare chemical reagents and biological media in accordance with formulae. You will be responsible to maintain accuracy in the preparation and standardization of chemical solutions.
  • You must follow necessary aseptic procedures in dispensing base media.
  • You also have the responsibility for containers along with the specimens that may be required to present in court action.

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