Lab Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A lab technician is someone who performs practical tasks in the laboratories. They work in different areas including electronics, biology, chemistry, medicine, environment and geology. In order to work as a lab technician one requires a relevant degree in the field. The work of a lab technician is usually carried out indoors.

Lab Technician Job Duties

  • A lab technician receives samples on their subject of specialization

  • He/ She is then required to process the received samples

  • A lab technician is also expected to analyze these papers

  • These samples vary depending upon the area of specialization of the lab technician. For instance:

  • If the lab technician is specialized in health care industry, he would receive samples that may consist of blood and tissue, which he/ she is expected to process and analyze.

  • If the lab technician is specialized in environment and public heath, he/ she may receive samples related to water, air and soil which he needs to work upon.

  • If the lab technician is specialized in chemical and pharmaceutical industry he/ she may receive samples related to chemical products which need to be processed and analyzed.

  • A lab technician is also involved in conducting various tests and experiments on new products.

  • He/ She must know how to make use of different equipments for carrying out these tests and experiments.

  • He/ She must be efficient in cleaning and maintaining different lab equipments so that they can be re-used as and when required

  • He/ She must also maintain various documents, notebooks and papers

  • Also handle administrative tasks such as preparing orders and generating invoices.

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