Kitchen Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Kitchen Manager Duties

Your main job responsibility is to ensure all functions of the kitchen are running on smoothly. A kitchen has got various types of activities and you will have to make a proper coordination among them. You will have to report the day to day matters directly to the General Manager of the organization.

Duties of a Kitchen Manager

  • You must be responsible for hiring the staff and train them as per the requirements of the organization and see that all are functioning at their maximum level of efficiency. The employees include cooks, dishwashers and other concerned staff. The entire staff will move according to the work direction given by you.
  • You will have to maintain the list of inventory on a daily basis. You should try to maintain and order the level of inventory in such a way that wastage in the kitchen becomes less.
  • Submit a report to the General Manager on the food inventory on a weekly basis. At that time, you will also have to submit a report on the cost figures and also make necessary suggestions on the change in price items of the foods served.
  • You will have to prepare an annual review of the F&B staff and submit it to the senior management in a report form.

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