Journalist Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Journalists are required to handle various tasks depending upon their specialization. Different categories of journalists include new media journalists, editors, sub editors, copy editors, reporters and photo journalists. It is essential to pursue a degree or diploma in journalism in order to get into this position. Having a relevant work experience also helps in grabbing a good job opportunity.

Journalist Job Duties

  • Journalists are required to cover the news stories. Different categories of journalists are required to cover different kinds of stories.
  • Journalists are required to conduct interviews of the people belonging to different fields.
  • Journalists are required to generate content based on the interviews conducted and other data collected from different sources.
  • Journalists need to attend press launches to gather information related to the subject they are covering.
  • Journalists are required to be present in the court rooms to take down details of the hearings, if the case being handled by them demands the same.
  • Journalists are required to attend the council meetings to gather data related to their case.
  • Journalists need to cover various other events based on the subjects they are assigned to cover.
  • Journalists are required to speak to people and fix up interview timings with them; they may interview the people in person or via phone.
  • Journalists are required to draft press releases and newsletters.
  • Journalists also need to respond to the responses received for the newsletters and press releases.
  • Journalists are required to write down important points during meetings, seminars, courtroom hearings and interviews in short hand.
  • Journalists may even record the interviews and courtroom hearings in tapes.
  • Journalists may be required to work even in erratic shifts to cover news stories, interviews, events, etc.
  • Journalists are required to do a lot of field work to collect material for the news stories.
  • Journalists who are at a higher position may be required to go through the content generated by other journalists and make the required modifications.

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