Jewellery Consultant Job Duties

By | March 19, 2014

A jewellery consultant is a professional who provides consultation to their clients regarding various types of jewellery. Jewellery consultants are often seen hosting jewellery exhibitions and parties to attract clients.

They have complete knowledge about various kinds of jewellery pieces. Jewellery consultant job duties involve informing customers about the rates of different jewellery pieces, their making and helping them select the best one as per their budge and requirements.

Jewellery Consultant Job Duties

  • Jewellery Consultant has to describe features of different jewellery pieces to his clients.
  • Jewellery consultant needs to understand the clients’ requirement well and show him jewellery suitable as per their requirement and taste.
  • Making enthusiastic presentation of each jewel in order to create excitement for the product is very important. This is done by presenting all the necessary information regarding the value and the material of the jewel.
  • One of the main duties of a jewellery consultant is negotiating with the clients. It is important to acknowledge a good business deal by negotiating the price and the quantity. For this, he/she must be able to identify the prospective clients.
  • Jewellery consultant is required to acquire new clients and keep the existing ones coming back to him. Trust building is very essential to achieve this.
  • Jewellery consultant needs to ensure that the products he is selling are of top quality. In addition to this he should also try to build a rapport with the client with his communication skills.
  • Jewellery consultant may be required to make preparations for jewellery exhibitions and jewellery parties.
  • Jewellery consultant must stay updated with the latest jewellery trends in the market. This is an integral part of their job as only when they are aware about the latest in vogue would they be able to help their clients make the right choice.
  • Jewellery consultants must stay updated with the latest information about the jewellery rates.

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