Janitor Groundskeeper Job Duties

By | January 13, 2014

Janitor groundskeeper is one who takes care of the maintenance, cleanliness and upkeep of a building. They must also maintain the lawn of the building to keep a healthy and pleasant ambiance. They must have good knowledge about various gas powered tools and hand tools used to maintain the lawn. Their job involves trimming the leaves and the grass, planting flowers and shrubbery and removing the dead plants.

The Janitor groundskeeper must be willing to work in every kind of weather and they must have keen interest towards cleanliness and hygiene. Groundskeepers are the self motivator and they must be willing to work on their own. They must be focused towards their job to ensure the timely completion of the allotted job. Various janitor groundskeeper job duties are mentioned below:

Janitor Groundskeeper Job Duties

  • Make use of scrubbing, vacuum and cleaning equipment to clean the floors and stairways present in the building.
  • Maintain trash cans and clear them from time to time.
  • Maintain the washrooms in a clean and hygienic manner at all times.
  • Use cleaning items such as sponge, cleaning solution etc to clean furniture, walls, glass doors and window panes apart from mirrors and decor items present in the restrooms.
  • Clean and service all the equipments and office machinery such as printers, fax machines, computers to keep them dust free.
  • Keep air freshners in all the rooms and restrooms and replenish them from time to time by checking their availability.
  • Intimate the supervisor on availability of cleaning solutions and equipments so that they are purchased before exhaustion.
  • Take proper care of all the cleaning gear such as gloves, boots etc and keep them in a safe and secured place as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Undertake rodent and pest solution spraying activity regularly.

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