Jail Guard Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Jail Guard Duties

It is undeniable that the world we live in is not perfect because of the people who live in it. Good and bad people live together and so most often, the good ones are harmed by the bad ones through the many crimes committed by a lot of people. As a result, so many convicted criminals stay in our jails which are often too crowded. Inside the jail, there are jail guards who ensure the safety of all the inmates while they are serving each one’s sentence. These jail guards perform such a lot of duties inside and outside the jail.

Jail Guard Job Duties

  • Compile written instruction to work assigned to the prisoners within the cell area.
  • Strictly monitor different activity in the prison yard, conducting inspection and searches for weapons and carefully screening all the visitors of the inmates.
  • Search, Guard, Escort and attend to the needs and welfare of the inmates in the cell area.
  • Ensure the safety and security of the inmates, fellow guards and facilities by preventing assaults and escape of the prisoners
  • Restrain and give disciplinary action to aggressive and violent inmates.
  • Immediately and timely respond and make action to every emergency happens within the area.

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